The Genesis and Distintive Sign of the Mood Ring

The new generation of contemporary jewelry

Cédric Chevalley, talented and innovative designer, has successfully created the mood ring by condensing his past experiences. This new contemporary piece of jewelry, that he launched under his own jewelry bran, is all at once a realization of a radical aesthetic, support of individual fantasies, and medium of original expression.

Everything began with an idea that sprung between Lausanne and Paris during a not so eventful journey. The simple but fundamentally innovative idea immediately mobilized Cedric's attention, who decided to make it real: to create a ring of minimalistic styling but infinite customization capabilities.

From the first drafts scribbled in his notebook, to the original prototype, the various stages quickly followed one another, so much had the jewel in the making the obviousness of an endeavor begging to be achieved.

The need remained to give an optimum response to the many technical limitations. This now is done and the ring comes into the light under the name mood. At first glance, it presents a structure with neat and balanced profiles. Its sleek features are emphasized by a very modern opposition of two materials, a singular encounter between the strength of steel and the delicacy of glass. It is under those assets that mood conceals its secret: a clever technical process that allows customize the jewel indefinitely.

With one simple operation, the main ring can be modified in accordance to moods and desires. Just one ring, but a host of possibilities.

mood: distinctive signs


Intended for both men and women in its basic version, the ring can accept different materials or be adorned with decorations that give it a feminine or masculine touch.


The design and the interchangability of mood came to me after several years of designing jewelry, as the obvious result of my search, because in this concept the owner of a mood can go on living and make it evolve with their personality. Finally, a piece of jewelry that can adapt to the personality of its owner, and accompany them on their path.


A steel structure forms the base of the jewelry, upon which a ring is embedded. The masterpiece is composed of two separable elements that hold and retain the central ring, called an addon. The particular architecture offers great freedom to the owner of the ring, who can very easily change the look of their ring by changing the add-on. To further expand the potential of the mood, rings made in several colours and materials are available.

Like other Cédric designs, technical prowess makes the original aesthetic possible. In the case of mood, the challenge was the size. The clever interchangeable design has incidentally been the object of a patent application. 


The ring that slides onto the steel structure invites to tactile pleasure; fingers take the game, exploring the differences in textures and accompany the perpetual motion of the add-on.