One ring, one concept

Discovering the Mood ring ? Welcome in a universe of passion, stories and endless creativity !

Since 2004 Mood is a symbol of creativity, sharing, boldness and quality !

The concept is simple and intuitive ; it allows anyone to create his own jewelry according to his desire, mood or style. Create your ring every day ! Wether it rains, wether it storms. Wether you wear a suit or a tracksuit. Your interchangeable ring follows you and evolves with you.

A steel structure forms the base of the jewelry on which comes a ring. The centerpiece is made of two separable parts that hold the central ring called the add-on.

This particular architecture give a large freedom to the ring owner who can very easily change the look of his jewelry by changing the add-on. In order to expand Mood's field of possibilities, various colors and materials of rings are available.

For every taste

Adapt your accessory according to your activity and current mood. For sport, dinner party or just lunch your jewelry becomes your favorite companion.Text

For Women

For Men

Quality Assurance

The mood ring was conceived, designed and created in Switzerland. Its design do not compromise. Its precision and quality honor the Swiss made label.

Our customers' opinions

In 2020, our customer base count several tens of thousands of people in many different countries like France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, United States,... and of course Switzerland ! Hundreds of thousands of people follow us every week on social medias. Those people form an incredible community of inspiring and passionate people.

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