mood: our story

The story of the mood ring begins in 2004 when Cédric Chevalley, during his numerous train travels between France and Switzerland, reflected on an innovative concept allowing everyone to create a unique jewelry corresponding to the desires and the personality of each.

After numerous tests, trials and prototypes, the mood ring comes to life in a form slightly different from the one we know today.

The origins of mood are rooted in Switzerland, in the “Vallée de Joux”, renowned as a Valley of inspiration and creation due to its influence in watchmaking and its magnificent panorama.


Cédric Chevalley -Awarded many times for his contemporary creations

At  first, Cedric imagined a very simple fashion accessory, in stainless steel, on which anyone could add a piece in the color of their choice. Then, he released a structure with wide borders and initiated the concept with glass pieces, a material that he mastered perfectly.



Older models of bases and addons

Much later in 2015, Cédric Chevalley who was also evolving in the world of upcycling, imagined an addon edition in recycled plank wood.


 First Appearances 

First, the mood ring was available in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was presented in a showroom among other creations of the designer and also appeared in various art & fashion events such as Paris Fashion Week in 2005 and Tokyo Design Week.

A few years later, the first “Yourmood Kitecup” was organized in Nazaré, Portugal. This is the first 100% mood sponsored event where dozens of athletes competed in kitesurfing.

Image result for yourmood kitecup



At the beginning, Cédric Chevalley launched his innovative concept on his own. Soon after, Stéphanie Pousaz joined the endeavor and took over the brand in 2013 accompanied by Arlette Bélat who was an interior designer. The two women combined their talent to take the mood ring to the next level.

In a few years, the brand's range of products multiplied by more then 100%. The co-managers expanded, thanks to a strong conviction and passion, the range of possibilities in terms of the creation and personalization of their interchangeable rings.


 First Store "Grand Opening"

On October 2nd 2015, the first store entirely dedicated to the mood ring opened its doors in Orbe, Switzerland. For this occasion, loyal customers of the brand experienced live entertainment with full festivities. 

Image result for mood store inauguration at orbes switzerland

Image result for mood store inauguration at orbes switzerland

After this memorable Grand Opening, mood opened stores in Martigny, Carouge, Barcelona, Zurich and most recently in Fribourg, Zermatt and Los Angeles (in 2020).


MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles

In 2016, the mood ring flew to the United States to be represented at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. During this event, it was worn by many celebrities which allowed the brand to stand out through its originality and its "fun" side.


The story continues

Until 2021, mood has opened 8 stores, hired dozens of employees and created tens of thousands of rings delivered around the world. It has been worn by people from many different worlds, and this is what makes the ring special: it unites. It's not just a fashion accessory, it's a way of life, a concept and a spirit of community.

If you have a mood ring, you are one of them and part of the mood family!