mood ring: the creation

Before reaching the finger of its owner, the mood ring goes through multiple phases & processes. Today we would like to show you a brief history of its journey.

Throughout its creation, your ring goes through very important stages of development. It is the result of Swiss work and quality guaranteed by our jewelers and technicians. Discover here all the steps that make the mood ring a unique piece of jewelry, finished and designed in the quality and tradition of Swiss made.

The story begins on a sheet of paper. Sketches and drawings gradually form the curves of a new piece as our designer makes his pencil dance artistically. 

The strict lines of the stainless steel base will soon welcome a new creation imagined by our team of designers. It is sometimes difficult to imagine if the drawn idea will be feasible; in fact, it is sometimes not possible to work on certain visions, not because the workshop lacks infrastructure (on the contrary, it is very well supplied), but because certain ideas put on paper requires substantial jewelry work and machine programming which will take the time of numerous tests on prototypes.


Follow me to the workshops

Once the design is terminated, we are heading to the mood workshops in Orbe, Switzerland, to start the prototypes and subsequently the creation of the first model.

It is in these workshops that all new collections are developed and sent to our customers. In these premises, we find our team such as technicians, logisticians and jewelers. We also have a person who is responsible for the connection between production and operations.

Depending on the specialty and complexity of the design (drawing, illustration, etc.), each unit production can take between a few minutes to an hour, or even more!

The pieces that require additional work, such as setting (placing precious stones on the addon), are models in creation given to our approved gem-setter with whom we have been working with for 15 years now. Moreover, it is this same gem-setter who created the piece which symbolizes the 15 year Anniversary of the brand, released at the end of 2019.

The ring comes to life

After passing through the workshops, the incredible piece in the making ends up in the hands of the photographer, who will be responsible for creating media content to showcase our creations on our website and our various social networks.

This part consists among other things in removing any unwanted elements from the photo (dust, grains, etc.) and correcting the lights so that the product appears perfectly on the website so that it looks as real as possible. 

The retouched process of each picture can take several hours or even days depending on the size of the collection or the complexity of the piece (a piece engraved with diamonds will require more shots photographed in order to highlight all its aspects). The goal is to achieve an outstanding level of sharpness and a visual quality at its maximum. 

Thus ends the creative process at mood. It is a real pleasure to create such quality pieces that appeal to many generations.