How to choose your first mood ring?

It may seem difficult to choose a ring amongst the hundreds of collections and models that we offer on our website

When you already have a ring, the experience is fun: you change colors, you let yourself be tempted by the trends of the moment or you fall for something new. But when it’s your first purchase, it's a whole different story...

Follow us and let us guide you on which model will suit you best!

Choose your base 

First, you need a base. The base is the part that you wear at all times, on which you include an “addons”.

There are different models depending on the main finished appearance. You can opt for the traditional models in 316L stainless steel or you can opt for the models with carbon surface treatment. We also have some with bronze finished and a titanium edition (lighter version).


Steel                   Carbon                Bronze                 Titanium

The width

You can also choose between several borders of the base. There are large, original, thin or small models. In addition to that, there are matt, rounded and polished finishes to choose from.


Large                  Small                  Rounded


Matt                     Polished


Choose your addons

After choosing a base, we invite you to take a look at the addon collections. They allow you to personalize your ring according to your desires, your mood or your lifestyle. The addon is the interchangeable part that fits inside the base.

You have the choice between different variants:

Addon: this is the standard format, an addon is enough to complete your ring.

Medium addon: the standard format is divided by 3. To complete your ring, you therefore need 3 medium addons.

Two-thirds addon: this format fills 2/3 of the space so you need a two-thirds addon + a medium addon to complete your ring.

At the end, your addon must be the same size as your base.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different designs. In aluminum, precious wood, polymer, silver, titanium, carbon, gold, tantalum and diamonds. You have access to multiple choices!


Here is a brief description of the main materials



Polymer addons are a great choice for festive colors and especially if you want to have a discreet mood ring with simple colors. We offer a wide range of fun colors for everyone’s preferred style.



Aluminum addons are a sure value. Made of vibrant colors and comfortable materials, they are a great choice to bring many colorful tones to your ring at an unbeatable price.



Carbon is known to be a light and resistant material. Carbon addons are elegant and suitable for both men and women. We work with a fiber of an excellent quality which is very difficult to damage. If you choose carbon you won't even feel its weight.


Titanium is light, resistant and has unparalleled shades. We are creating specific processes to give it warmer tones. Try it out, you will like it.


The silver pieces are made by our Swiss jewelers. In this collection you will be able to discover multiple addons with unique curves and interesting designs. We use high quality 925 silver and these items are produced artisanally in our workshops. The unisex silver line guarantees an exceptional elegance and style for everyday use or on special occasions.


Tantalum is a special material which is very hard to work with. We are fortunate to have qualified partners who know enough about this material to offer high quality and raw designs. It is ideal for a chic and discreet style as well as a perfect match with any diamonds.


Gold is a noble material that we operate in the tradition of “swiss made”. Our jewelers offer a multitude of addons in 9k yellow and rose gold. Hammered, brushed, crumpled or engraved versions, you will love it.


Did our explanations make you want to check out certain ring collections? In any case, we hope you know more now by reading our article. Our concept is that you personalize your ring over time. A first ring is one thing. The rest becomes even more interesting!